EU-INDIA STI Cooperation Days: Focus on Health September 17, 2013



10th to 11th of October 2013

Paris, France

Twinning of the Research, Innovation and Business communities in Affordable Health

For pooling Indian and European expertise in the field of health research and using its results for marketable applications, the  fourth edition of the EU-India Cooperation Days, will be held on the 10th and 11th of October 2013 in Paris, France. Over 150 participants from research, industry and politics are expected to attend this event which aims at displaying the latest developments as well as discovering future potential of EU-India cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in the thematic area of Health.

This joint event is organised by New INDIGO together with the European Commission and the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC).

The conference features several different elements which offer ample opportunities for fostering interactions among Indian and European scientific and innovation communities. Some of the constituents of this event include:

* A Scientific Conference:  where researchers involved in the New INDIGO Partnership Programme, bilateral and FP7-funded projects will be invited to present the results of their collaborative work, discuss their latest research developments and reflect upon their cooperation.

* A “Networking Café”: where researchers and companies will have the possibility to meet other participants of their interests in pre-arranged face-to-face meetings, providing them with an opportunity to create and foster new collaborations.

* A Poster session: where talented young scientists will be invited to display their posters.

* Technology facilitation and support event: where European organisations will be enabled to licence, sell or transfer unutilised or underutilised technologies to Indian organisations thereby promoting technological collaboration.

You will also learn about:

* Funding opportunities in the EU (focus on Horizon 2020) and India including bilateral programmes.

* Services offered by other projects supporting EU-India STI Collaboration.

* The latest policy developments especially the EU-India Shared Strategic and Innovation Agenda and engage with policy-makers in a fruitful dialogue.

For registration and more information please refer to the event’s official website. You may also refer to the comprehensive agenda and a short description of the technology facilitation event.


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EU-INDIA STI Cooperation Days – Focus on Health


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